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“… are lots cluster around Kalamazoo …”

meanings of cluster


  1. Euphemism of clusterfuck.
  2. A subset of a population whose members are sufficiently similar to each other and distinct from others as to be considered a distinct group; such a grouping in a set of observed data that is statistically significant.
  3. A small metal design that indicates that a medal has been awarded to the same person before.
  4. A logical data storage unit containing one or more physical sectors (see block).
  5. A group of galaxies or stars that appear near each other.
  6. An ensemble of bound atoms or molecules, intermediate in size between a molecule and a bulk solid.
  7. A number of individuals grouped together or collected in one place; a crowd; a mob.
  8. A group or bunch of several discrete items that are close to each other.
  9. A secundal chord of three or more notes.
  10. A group of computers that work together.
  11. A sequence of two or more words that occur in language with high frequency but are not idiomatic; a chunk, bundle, or lexical bundle.
  12. A group of consonants.
  13. Set of bombs or mines.


  1. To collect into clusters.
  2. To cover with clusters.
  3. To form a cluster or group.