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“… backyard bunker buster consider whether …”

meanings of buster


  1. Someone or something remarkable, especially for being loud, large, etc..
  2. A cheat's die whose sides bear only certain combinations of spots, so that undesirable values can never be rolled.
  3. A broncobuster.
  4. (chiefly colloquial, with 'of') Someone who or something that 'breaks', tames, or overpowers a specified person or thing.
  5. A molting crab.
  6. A loaf of bread.
  7. A gale, a strong wind; a southerly buster.
  8. Forming compounds denoting a team, weapon, or device specialized in the destruction of the first element.
  9. A drinking spree, a binge.
  10. Forming compounds denoting an agent or agency tasked with reducing or eliminating the first element.
  11. A form of address, particularly of men: guy, dude, fella, mack, buddy, loser. (Originally as 'old buster.).
  12. A heavy fall; (also performing arts) a staged fall, a pratfall.
  13. Someone who or something that bursts, breaks, or destroys a specified thing.


  1. A surname​.
  2. A male given name.
  3. Term of address for a man.
  4. A male nickname.

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