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“… in November 2018 stock X Sol its most …”

meanings of sol


  1. Statute of limitations.
  2. An old French coin worth 12 deniers.
  3. Speed of light.
  4. Stoppages of leave.
  5. A solution to an objection (or "ob"), in old books of controversial divinity.
  6. A type of colloid in which a solid is dispersed in a liquid.
  7. The fifth step in the solfège scale of C, preceded by fa and followed by la.
  8. Sleep onset latency.
  9. Space-occupying lesion of the brain can be caused by different pathology such as a malignancy, an abscess or a haematoma.
  10. A solar day on Mars (equivalent to 24 hours, 39 minutes, 35 seconds).
  11. Standards of learning.
  12. A Spanish-American gold or silver coin, now the main currency unit of Peru (also new sol), or a coin of this value.


  1. A diminutive of the male given name Solomon.
  2. The sun god; equivalent of the Greek Helios. Brother of Luna and Aurora.
  3. A male given name.
  4. The Sun, the star orbited by the Earth.
  5. The sun goddess.


  1. Initialism of shit out of luck.

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