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  1. The payload (e.g. insecticide, paint, oil, cosmetics) and propellant contained by an aerosol can.
  2. A colloidal system in which the dispersed phase is composed of either solid or liquid particles and in which the dispersal medium is some gas, usually air.
  3. A mixture of fine solid particles or liquid droplets suspended in a gaseous medium.
  4. An aerosol can.


  1. To spray with an aerosol.

words with pronunciation similar to aerosol

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

carousel/kˈɛɹəsˌɛl/, 2 changes.
trestle/tɹˈɛsəl/, 3 changes.
peristyle/pˈɛɹəstˌaɪl/, 3 changes.
gristle/ɡɹˈɪsəl/, 3 changes.
errant/ˈɛɹənt/, 3 changes.
parasite/pˈɛɹəsˌaɪt/, 3 changes.
kerosene/kˈɛɹəsˌin/, 3 changes.
terrible/tˈɛɹəbəl/, 3 changes.
proceed/pɹəsˈid/, 3 changes.
bristle/bɹˈɪsəl/, 3 changes.

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