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“… the peel of an orange this thin layer of …”

meanings of peel


  1. The blade of an oar.
  2. A small tower, fort, or castle; a keep.
  3. A shovel or similar instrument, now especially a pole with a flat disc at the end used for removing pizza or loaves of bread from a baker's oven.
  4. A fence made of stakes; a stockade.
  5. The action of peeling away from a formation.
  6. A cosmetic preparation designed to remove dead skin or to exfoliate.
  7. A stake.
  8. A takeout which removes a stone from play as well as the delivered stone.
  9. Alternative form of peal (“a small or young salmon").
  10. An equal or match; a draw.
  11. A T-shaped implement used by printers and bookbinders for hanging wet sheets of paper on lines or poles to dry.
  12. The skin or outer layer of a fruit, vegetable, etc.


  1. To move, separate (off or away).
  2. To remove one's clothing.
  3. To become detached, come away, especially in flakes or strips; to shed skin in such a way.
  4. To play a peel shot.
  5. To plunder; to pillage, rob.
  6. Misspelling of peal: to sound loudly.
  7. To remove something from the outer or top layer of.
  8. To remove the skin or outer covering of.
  9. To send through a hoop (of a ball other than one's own).


  1. Robert Peel, British Prime Minister.
  2. A town in the Isle of Man.
  3. A surname​.
  4. A regional municipality in Peel, Southern Ontario, Ontario, Canada.
  5. A placename.
  6. A county of Southern Ontario, Ontario, Canada.
  7. A region south of Perth, Western Australia.

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