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meanings of heel


  1. The last or lowest part of anything.
  2. A crust end-piece of a loaf of bread.
  3. The act of inclining or canting from a vertical position; a cant.
  4. The part of a club head's face nearest the shaft.
  5. The base of a bun sliced in half lengthwise.
  6. A woman's high-heeled shoe.
  7. The part of the palm of a hand closest to the wrist.
  8. A headlining wrestler regarded as a "bad guy," whose ring persona embodies villainous or reprehensible traits and demonstrates characteristics of a braggart and a bully.
  9. The back, upper part of the stock.
  10. In a carding machine, the part of a flat nearest the cylinder.
  11. The short side of an angled cut.
  12. A cyma reversa.
  13. The obtuse angle of the lower end of a rafter set sloping.
  14. The rear part of a sock or similar covering for the foot.
  15. The cards set aside for later use in a patience or solitaire game.
  16. A contemptible, unscrupulous, inconsiderate or thoughtless person.
  17. Anything resembling a human heel in shape; a protuberance; a knob.
  18. The lower end of the bit (cutting edge) of an axehead; as opposed to the toe (upper end).
  19. The rear part of the foot, where it joins the leg.
  20. The part of a shoe's sole which supports the foot's heel.
  21. The lower end of a timber in a frame, as a post or rafter.


  1. To incline to one side; to tilt.
  2. Alternative form of hele (“cover; conceal").
  3. To add a heel to, or increase the size of the heel of (a shoe or boot).
  4. To hit (the ball) with the heel of the club.
  5. To perform by the use of the heels, as in dancing, running, etc.
  6. To follow at somebody's heels; to chase closely.
  7. To make (a fair catch) standing with one foot forward, the heel on the ground and the toe up.
  8. To kick with the heel.
  9. To arm with a gaff, as a cock for fighting.


  1. A part of Maasgouw in the Netherlands.

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