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meanings of pan


  1. Initialism of peroxyacetyl nitrate.
  2. (geography, geology) An expanse of level land located in a depression, especially.
  3. Short for hardpan: a hard substrate such as is formed in pans.
  4. The part of a flintlock that holds the priming.
  5. A closed vessel for boiling or evaporating as part of manufacture; a vacuum pan.
  6. Initialism of polyacrylonitrile.
  7. A leaf of gold or silver.
  8. A wide receptacle in which gold grains are separated from gravel by washing the contents with water.
  9. The contents of such a receptacle.
  10. The chamber pot in a close stool; (now) the base of a toilet, consisting of the bowl and its support.
  11. The bottom flat part of a roofing panel that is between the ribs of the panel.
  12. The distance comprised between the angle of the epaule and the flanked angle.
  13. The brain, seen as one's intellect.
  14. Synonym of pipe: a channel for lava within a volcano; the cylindrical remains of such channels.
  15. A dry lake or playa, especially a salt flat.
  16. A cylindrical receptacle about as tall as it is wide, with one long handle, usually made of metal, used for cooking in the home.
  17. Alternative form of paan.
  18. The skull, considered as a vessel containing the brain; the brainpan.
  19. A wide, flat receptacle used around the house, especially for cooking.
  20. Short for salt pan: a flat artificial pond used for collecting minerals from evaporated water.
  21. A loaf of bread.
  22. Acronym of personal area network.
  23. Acronym of primary account number.
  24. A part; a portion.
  25. Synonym of playa lake: a temporary pond or lake in a playa.
  26. A deep plastic receptacle, used for washing or food preparation; a basin.
  27. Strong adverse criticism.
  28. Ellipsis of Peter Pan.
  29. A pond or lake, considered as the expanse of land upon which the water sits.
  30. A human face, a mug.
  31. A recess, or bed, for the leaf of a hinge.


  1. With "out" (to pan out), to turn out well; to be successful.
  2. To beat one's opposition convincingly.
  3. To disparage; to belittle; to put down; to criticise severely.
  4. To wash in a pan (of earth, sand etc. when searching for gold).
  5. To join or fit together; to unite.
  6. To move the camera lens angle while continuing to expose the film, enabling a contiguous view and enrichment of context. In still-photography large-group portraits the film usually remains on a horizontal fixed plane as the lens and/or the film holder moves to expose the film laterally. The resulting image may extend a short distance laterally or as great as 360 degrees from the point where the film first began to be exposed.
  7. To turn horizontally.
  8. To spread a sound signal into a new stereo or multichannel sound field, typically giving the impression that it is moving across the sound stage.
  9. To criticize harshly a work (like a book, movie, etc.).


  1. Greek god of nature, often visualized as half goat and half man playing pipes. His Roman counterpart is Faunus.
  2. A surname​.
  3. A moon of the planet Saturn.
  4. Abbreviation of Proto-Austronesian.


  1. Pansexual.

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