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“… things that I already understand that I can already answer maybe not in English but I know …”

meanings of can


  1. A chimney pot.
  2. Buttocks.
  3. Headphones.
  4. An E-meter used in Scientology auditing.
  5. An ounce (or sometimes, two ounces) of marijuana.
  6. Acronym of community action network.
  7. A drinking cup.
  8. A cube-shaped buoy or marker used to denote a port-side lateral mark.
  9. Abbreviation of controller area network.
  10. A container used to carry and dispense water for plants (a watering can).
  11. Jail or prison.
  12. A more or less cylindrical vessel for liquids, usually of steel or aluminium, but sometimes of plastic, and with a carrying handle over the top.
  13. Acronym of court attendance notice.
  14. Ceric ammonium nitrate.
  15. Initialism of consistent and asymptotically normal, a statistic estimator Tn(X1, X2, ..., Xn) is CAN (consistent and asymptotically normal) if ....
  16. A protective cover for the fuel element in a nuclear reactor.
  17. Initialism of campus area network.
  18. A tin-plate canister, often cylindrical, for preserved foods such as fruit, meat, or fish.
  19. A chamber pot, now a toilet or lavatory.


  1. May; to be permitted or enabled to.
  2. To have the potential to; be possible.
  3. To preserve by heating and sealing in a jar or can.
  4. To shut up.
  5. To hole the ball.
  6. To discard, scrap or terminate (an idea, project, etc.).
  7. To seal in a can.
  8. To fire or dismiss an employee.
  9. To cover (the fuel element in a nuclear reactor) with a protective cover.
  10. To know how to; to be able to.
  11. To know.
  12. Used with verbs of perception.


  1. Abbreviation of Controller Area Network., ISO standards 11898, 11898-1, 11898-2, and its predecessor standards.
  2. The Andean Community of Nations.
  3. Alternative spelling of Can.

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