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meanings of man


  1. Manliness; the quality or state of being manly.
  2. All human males collectively: mankind.
  3. A friendly term of address usually reserved for other adult males.
  4. A lover; a boyfriend.
  5. A member of the genus Homo, especially of the species Homo sapiens.
  6. A term of familiar address often implying on the part of the speaker some degree of authority, impatience, or haste.
  7. An adult male who has, to an eminent degree, qualities considered masculine, such as strength, integrity, and devotion to family; a mensch.
  8. A human, a person regardless of gender, usually an adult. (See usage notes.).
  9. Initialism of Metropolitan Area Network (a large computer network usually spanning a city).
  10. A person, usually male, who can fulfill one's requirements with regard to a specified matter.
  11. All humans collectively: mankind, humankind, humanity. (Sometimes capitalized as Man.).
  12. A male person, usually an adult; a (generally adult male) sentient being, whether human, supernatural, elf, alien, etc.
  13. A person, usually male, who has duties or skills associated with a specified thing. (Used as the last element of a compound.).
  14. A male who belongs to a particular group: an employee, a student or alumnus, a representative, etc.
  15. A piece or token used in board games such as chess.
  16. An adult male human.
  17. Used to refer to oneself or one's group: I, we; construed in the third person.
  18. An adult male servant.
  19. A male enthusiast or devotee; a male who is very fond of or devoted to a specified kind of thing. (Used as the last element of a compound.).
  20. A husband.
  21. A vassal; a subject.
  22. A player on whom another is playing, with the intent of limiting their attacking impact.


  1. Abbreviation of Manitoba.
  2. The Isle of Man.
  3. The genus Homo.
  4. A surname of Chinese origin.
  5. Abbreviation of Manchester (especially in football).
  6. Humankind in general.


  1. To brace (oneself), to fortify or steel (oneself) in a manly way. (Compare man up.).
  2. To accustom (a raptor or other type of bird) to the presence of people.
  3. To take up position in order to operate (something).
  4. To supply (something) with staff or crew (of either sex).
  5. To wait on, attend to or escort.


  1. Only used in man enough.


  1. Used to place emphasis upon something or someone; sometimes, but not always, when actually addressing a man.

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