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“… protest i am not a fan of having to go …”

meanings of fan


  1. A person who is fond of something or someone, especially an admirer of a performer or aficionado of a sport.
  2. Initialism of free amino nitrogen, amino acids available for yeast metabolism.
  3. The action of fanning; agitation of the air.
  4. Initialism of file area network.
  5. A section of a tree having a finite number of branches.
  6. An instrument for winnowing grain, by moving which the grain is tossed and agitated, and the chaff is separated and blown away.
  7. Anything resembling a hand-held fan in shape, e.g., a peacock's tail.
  8. A small vane or sail, used to keep the large sails of a smock mill always in the direction of the wind.
  9. An electrical or mechanical device for moving air, used for cooling people, machinery, etc.
  10. A hand-held device consisting of concertinaed material, or slats of material, gathered together at one end, that may be opened out into the shape of a sector of a circle and waved back and forth in order to move air towards oneself and cool oneself.


  1. To invigorate, like flames when fanned.
  2. To winnow grain.
  3. To strike out (a batter).
  4. To perform a maneuver that involves flicking the top rear of an old-style gun.
  5. To slap (a behind, especially).
  6. To move or spread in multiple directions from one point, in the shape of a hand-held fan.
  7. To blow air on (something) by means of a fan (hand-held, mechanical or electrical) or otherwise.
  8. To dispel by waving a hand-held fan.
  9. To strike out.


  1. A diminutive of Frances.

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