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meanings of trammel


  1. An instrument for drawing ellipses, one part of which consists of a cross with two grooves at right angles to each other, the other being a beam carrying two pins (which slide in those grooves), and also the describing pencil.
  2. A kind of shackle used for regulating the motions of a horse and making it amble.
  3. A fishing net that has large mesh at the edges and smaller mesh in the middle.
  4. A kind of net for catching birds, fishes, or other prey.
  5. A beam compass.
  6. A net for confining a woman's hair.
  7. Whatever impedes activity, progress, or freedom, such as a net or shackle.
  8. A set of rings or other hanging devices, attached to a transverse bar suspended over a fire, used to hang cooking pots etc.


  1. To entangle, as in a net.
  2. To confine; to hamper; to shackle.


  1. A surname​.

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