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“… did you are you in touch with any of the …”

meanings of touch


  1. To make physical contact with; to bring the hand, finger or other part of the body into contact with.
  2. To affect emotionally; to bring about tender or painful feelings in.
  3. Primarily non-physical senses.
  4. To give royal assent to by touching it with the sceptre.
  5. To physically affect in specific ways implied by context.
  6. To mark or delineate with touches; to add a slight stroke to with the pencil or brush.
  7. To physically disturb; to interfere with, molest, or attempt to harm through contact.
  8. To perform, as a tune; to play.
  9. To come into physical contact, or to be in physical contact.
  10. To infect; to affect slightly.
  11. Of a ship or its passengers: to land, to make a short stop (at).
  12. To sexually excite with the fingers; to finger or masturbate.
  13. To keep the ship as near (the wind) as possible.
  14. To try; to prove, as with a touchstone.
  15. To disturb the mental functions of; to make somewhat insane; often followed with "in the head".
  16. To come close to; to approach.
  17. To deal with in speech or writing; to mention briefly, to allude to.
  18. To concern, to have to do with.
  19. To be on the level of; to approach in excellence or quality.
  20. To obtain money from, usually by borrowing (from a friend).
  21. To cause to be briefly in contact with something.
  22. To deal with in speech or writing; briefly to speak or write (on or upon something).
  23. To consume, or otherwise use.
  24. To imbue or endow with a specific quality.
  25. To be brought, as a sail, so close to the wind that its weather leech shakes.
  26. To mark (a file or document) as having been modified.
  27. To influence by impulse; to impel forcibly.
  28. To bring (a sail) so close to the wind that its weather leech shakes.
  29. Primarily physical senses.
  30. To lay hands on (someone suffering from scrofula) as a form of cure, as formerly practised by English and French monarchs.
  31. To fasten; to take effect; to make impression.
  32. To strike; to manipulate; to play on.
  33. To come into (involuntary) contact with; to meet or intersect.
  34. To make physical contact with a thing.
  35. To affect in a negative way, especially only slightly.


  1. A disposal of the ball during a game, i.e. a kick or a handball.
  2. The ability to perform a task well; aptitude.
  3. The particular or characteristic mode of action, or the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers.
  4. The faculty or sense of perception by physical contact.
  5. An act of touching, especially with the hand or finger.
  6. The broadest part of a plank worked top and but, or of one worked anchor-stock fashion (that is, tapered from the middle to both ends); also, the angles of the stern timbers at the counters.
  7. A relationship of close communication or understanding.
  8. Tallow.
  9. A distinguishing feature or characteristic.
  10. A touchstone; hence, stone of the sort used for touchstone.
  11. A single stroke on a drawing or a picture.
  12. The style or technique with which one plays a musical instrument.
  13. The part of a sports field beyond the touchlines or goal-lines.
  14. A set of changes less than the total possible on seven bells, i.e. less than 5,040.
  15. An emotion or affection.
  16. Form; standard of performance.
  17. Personal reference or application.
  18. A brief essay.
  19. An act of borrowing or stealing something.
  20. Act or power of exciting emotion.
  21. Examination or trial by some decisive standard; test; proof; tried quality.
  22. The children's game of tag.
  23. A little bit; a small amount.

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