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“… um as you can see there is a pretty good …”

meanings of there


  1. In a place or location (stated, implied or otherwise indicated) at some distance from the speaker (compare here).
  2. In existence or in this world; see pronoun section below.
  3. To or into that place; thither.
  4. In that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc., regarded as a distinct place.
  5. Where, there where, in which place.


  1. Used with other verbs, when raised.
  2. Used as an expletive subject of be in its sense of “exist", with the semantic, usually indefinite subject being postponed or (occasionally) implied.
  3. Used with other intransitive verbs of existence, in the same sense, or with other intransitive verbs, adding a sense of existence.
  4. Appended to words of greeting etc.
  5. That.


  1. Used to offer encouragement or sympathy.
  2. Used to express victory or completion.


  1. That place.
  2. That status; that position.


  1. Misspelling of they're.


  1. Misspelling of their.

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