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meanings of stickle


  1. To separate, as combatants; hence, to quiet, to appease, as disputants.
  2. To act as referee or arbiter; to mediate.
  3. To separate combatants by intervening.
  4. To argue or struggle for.
  5. To contend, contest, or altercate, especially in a pertinacious manner on insufficient grounds.
  6. To intervene in; to stop, or put an end to, by intervening.
  7. To raise objections; to argue stubbornly, especially over minor or trivial matters.


  1. A shallow rapid in a river.
  2. The current below a waterfall.
  3. A sharp point; prickle; a spine.


  1. Steep; high; inaccessible.
  2. High, as the water of a river; swollen; sweeping; rapid.


  1. A surname​.

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