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“… one of my son's love scotch I'm sort of …”

meanings of scotch


  1. Alternative form of Scotch (“whisky").
  2. Whisky distilled in Scotland, especially from malted barley.
  3. A surface cut or abrasion.
  4. The people of Scotland.
  5. A line drawn on the ground, as one used in playing hopscotch.
  6. A glass of Scotch.
  7. Any variety of Scotch.
  8. Scotch tape.
  9. A block for a wheel or other round object; a chock, wedge, prop, or other support, to prevent slipping.


  1. To cut or score; to wound superficially.
  2. To prevent (something) from being successful.
  3. To debunk or discredit an idea or rumor.
  4. To dress (stone) with a pick or pointed instrument.
  5. To beat yarn in order to break up slugs and align the threads.
  6. To rape.
  7. To clothe or cover up.
  8. To block a wheel or other round object.


  1. Alternative form of Scotch (“Scottish").
  2. Of or from Scotland; Scottish.


  1. The Scottish dialect of English, or the Scots language.
  2. The opening 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4.

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