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“… Star Wars expert at its peak the Empire …”

meanings of peak


  1. The upper aftermost corner of a fore-and-aft sail.
  2. The narrow part of a vessel's bow, or the hold within it.
  3. Alternative form of peag (“wampum").
  4. A local maximum of a function, e.g. for sine waves, each point at which the value of y is at its maximum.
  5. The top, or one of the tops, of a hill, mountain, or range, ending in a point.
  6. The whole hill or mountain, especially when isolated.
  7. The extremity of an anchor fluke; the bill.
  8. A point; the sharp end or top of anything that terminates in a point; as, the peak, or front, of a cap.
  9. The highest value reached by some quantity in a time period.


  1. To reach a highest degree or maximum.
  2. Misspelling of pique.
  3. To pry; to peep slyly.
  4. To raise the point of (a gaff) closer to perpendicular.
  5. To become sick or wan.
  6. To acquire sharpness of figure or features; hence, to look thin or sickly.
  7. To rise or extend into a peak or point; to form, or appear as, a peak.


  1. Maximal, maximally quintessential or representative; constituting the culmination of.
  2. Unlucky; unfortunate.
  3. Bad.


  1. A surname​.

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