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meanings of palatine


  1. A resident of a palatinate.
  2. A feudal lord (a count palatine or Pfalzgraf) or a bishop possessing palatine powers.
  3. The Roman soldiers of the imperial palace; praetorians.
  4. A palace official, especially in an imperial palace; the chief minister.
  5. A type of shoulder cape for women.
  6. One of a pair of bones behind the palate.
  7. A county palatine, a palatinate.


  1. Pertaining to a palace, particularly for the Eastern and Western Roman emperors; palatial.
  2. Pertaining to the Elector Palatine or the German Palatinate or its people.
  3. Of or relating to the palate or to a palatine bone.
  4. Designating a ruler or feudal lord with direct powers held from the sovereign.
  5. Designating a territory in England (and, later, other countries) whose lord had specific royal privileges, or designating a modern administrative area corresponding to such a territory.


  1. A hamlet in County Carlow, Ireland.
  2. A town in Montgomery County, New York.
  3. A village in Cook County, Illinois.
  4. One of the seven hills of Rome; the site of the earliest settlement.