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“… let's look at the net worth of 80 brian …”

meanings of net


  1. A mesh of string, cord or rope.
  2. The amount remaining after expenses are deducted; profit.
  3. A conductor that interconnects two or more component terminals.
  4. A mesh stretched to divide the court in tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc.
  5. The area of the court close to the net (mesh stretched to divide the court).
  6. Anything that has the appearance of such a device.
  7. A trap.
  8. Of a polyhedron, any set of polygons joined edge to edge that, when folded along the edges between adjoining polygons so that the outer edges touch, form the polyhedron.
  9. A device made from such mesh, used for catching fish, butterflies, etc.
  10. A framework backed by a mesh, serving as the goal in hockey, soccer, lacrosse, etc.
  11. Acronym of neutrophil extracellular trap.
  12. A system that interconnects a number of users, locations etc. allowing transport or communication between them.
  13. A device made from such mesh, generally used for trapping something.


  1. To catch in a trap, or by stratagem.
  2. To score (a goal).
  3. To enclose or cover with a net.
  4. To yield as profit for.
  5. To receive as profit.
  6. To hit the ball into the net.
  7. To fully hedge a position.
  8. To form network or netting; to knit.
  9. To catch by means of a net.


  1. Good, desirable; clean, decent, clear.
  2. Final; end.
  3. Free from extraneous substances; pure; unadulterated; neat.
  4. Remaining after expenses or deductions.


  1. After expenses or deductions.


  1. The Internet.


  1. Initialism of no earlier than or not earlier than.

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