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“… to linger leaving warm wet air behind …”

meanings of wet


  1. (of women) Sexually aroused and thus having the vulva moistened with vaginal secretions.
  2. Of calligraphy and fountain pens: depositing a large amount of ink from the nib or the feed.
  3. Employing, or done by means of, water or some other liquid.
  4. Of a scientist or laboratory: working with biological or chemical matter.
  5. Using afterburners or water injection for increased engine thrust.
  6. Involving assassination or "wet work".
  7. Made up of liquid or moisture, usually (but not always) water.
  8. Of a burrito, sandwich, or other food: covered in a sauce.
  9. Of a person: inexperienced in a profession or task; having the characteristics of a rookie.
  10. Of an object, etc.: covered or impregnated with liquid, usually (but not always) water.
  11. Ineffectual, feeble, showing no strength of character.
  12. Of weather or a time period: rainy.
  13. Permitting alcoholic beverages.
  14. Of a sound recording: having had audio effects applied.
  15. Refreshed with liquor; drunk.


  1. Liquid or moisture.
  2. One who supports the consumption of alcohol and thus opposes Prohibition.
  3. Rainy season.
  4. Rainy weather.
  5. A moderate Conservative; especially, one who opposed the hard-line policies of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.
  6. An alcoholic drink.
  7. A tyre for use in wet weather.


  1. Misspelling of whet.
  2. To cover or impregnate with liquid.
  3. To kill or seriously injure. Wet 'em up!.
  4. To accidentally urinate in or on.
  5. To celebrate by drinking alcohol. to wet the baby's head.
  6. To make or become wet.
  7. To form an intermetallic bond between a solder and a metal substrate.

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