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“… corruption there's plenty of foul play …”

meanings of foul


  1. To make contact with an opposing player in order to gain advantage.
  2. To besmirch.
  3. To hit outside of the baselines.
  4. To become clogged.
  5. To make dirty.
  6. To clog or obstruct.
  7. To entangle. The kelp has fouled the prop.
  8. To commit a foul.
  9. To hit a ball outside of the baselines.
  10. To become entangled.


  1. Entangled and therefore restricting free movement, not clear.
  2. Unpleasant, stormy or rainy.
  3. Ugly; homely; poor.
  4. Dishonest or not conforming to the established rules and customs of a game, conflict, test, etc.
  5. Outside of the base lines; in foul territory.
  6. Detestable, unpleasant, loathsome.
  7. Obscene, vulgar or abusive.
  8. Disgusting, repulsive; causing disgust.
  9. Covered with, or containing unclean matter; dirty.


  1. A (usually accidental) contact between a bowler and the lane before the bowler has released the ball.
  2. A foul ball, a ball which has been hit outside of the base lines.
  3. A breach of the rules of a game, especially one involving inappropriate contact with an opposing player in order to gain an advantage; for example, tripping someone up in soccer, or contact of any kind in basketball.

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