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“… foggy one day the fog Bowl yeah our ball …”

meanings of fog


  1. To become obscured in condensation or water.
  2. To obscure in condensation or water.
  3. To make dim or obscure.
  4. To become covered with the kind of grass called fog.
  5. To make confusing or obscure.
  6. To become covered with or as if with fog.
  7. To cover with or as if with fog.
  8. To become dim or obscure.
  9. To pasture cattle on the fog, or aftergrass, of; to eat off the fog from.
  10. To spoil (film) via exposure to light other than in the normal process of taking a photograph.
  11. To disperse insecticide into (a forest canopy) so as to collect organisms.
  12. To practice in a small or mean way; to pettifog.


  1. Moss.
  2. A state of mind characterized by lethargy and confusion.
  3. Initialism of frequency of gobbledygook: the commonness of long and complicated words in a text, as measured by systems like the Gunning fog index.
  4. A silver deposit or other blur on a negative or developed photographic image.
  5. A thick cloud that forms near the ground; the obscurity of such a cloud.
  6. Distance fog.
  7. Tall and decaying grass left standing after the cutting or grazing season; foggage.
  8. Initialism of fat, oil, and grease.
  9. A mist or film clouding a surface.
  10. A new growth of grass appearing on a field that has been mowed or grazed.

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