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meanings of fillip


  1. To project quickly; to snap.
  2. To strike, project, or propel with a fillip (that is, a finger released quickly after being pressed against the thumb); to flick.
  3. To strike or tap smartly.
  4. To drive as if by a fillip (noun sense 1); to excite, stimulate, whet.
  5. To make a fillip (noun sense 1) (with the fingers).


  1. A smart strike or tap made using this action, or by other means.
  2. Something that excites or stimulates.
  3. Something unimportant, a trifle; also, the brief time it takes to flick one's finger (see noun sense 1); a jiffy.
  4. The action of holding the tip of a finger against the thumb and then releasing it with a snap; a flick.

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