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“… looked in my closet today and I have a …”

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  1. Clipping of closet of ease, (later, Britain) clipping of water closet: a room containing a toilet.
  2. (now chiefly Scotland, Ireland) Any small room or side-room, (particularly):.
  3. A private cabinet, (particularly):.
  4. One used to store curiosities.
  5. A pew or side-chapel reserved for a monarch or other feudal lord.
  6. An ordinary similar to a bar but half as broad.
  7. A private room used for prayer or other devotions.
  8. A private room used by women to groom and dress themselves.
  9. One used to store food or other household supplies: a cupboard.
  10. A secret or hiding place, (particularly) the hiding place in English idioms such as in the closet and skeleton in the closet. The closet can be a scary place for a gay teenager.
  11. A place of (usually, fanciful) contemplation and theorizing.
  12. The private residence or private council chamber of a monarch.
  13. One intended for storing clothes or bedclothes.
  14. (now rare) Any private or inner room, (particularly):.
  15. A sewer.
  16. Any private area, (particularly) bowers in the open air.
  17. One used to store valuables.


  1. To put into a private place for a secret interview or interrogation.
  2. To shut away for private discussion.
  3. To shut up in, or as in, a closet for concealment or confinement.


  1. Secret, with reference to gay people who are in the closet; closeted.
  2. Private.

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