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“… hit 12,600 do a cartwheel whilst …”

meanings of cartwheel


  1. A gymnastic maneuver whereby the gymnast rotates to one side or the other while keeping arms and legs outstretched, spinning for one or more revolutions.
  2. A crown coin; its value, 5 shillings.
  3. The literal wheel of a cart.
  4. A silver dollar of the larger size produced before 1979.


  1. To perform the gymnastics feat of a cartwheel.
  2. To flip end over end: normally said of a crashing vehicle or aircraft. [[Image:Capoeira animation auregional.gif|thumb|right|200px|Cartwheel: Aú Aberto (Open Aú)]] [[Image:Auangole.gif|thumb|right|200px|Cartwheel: Aú Fechado (Closed Aú)]].