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meanings of call


  1. To stop at a station or port.
  2. To match the current bet amount, in preparation for a raise in the same turn. (Usually, players are forbidden to announce one's play this way.).
  3. To use one's voice.
  4. To rouse from sleep; to awaken.
  5. To demand repayment of a loan.
  6. To state, or invoke a rule, in many games such as bridge, craps, jacks, and so on.
  7. To name, identify or describe.
  8. To request, summon, or beckon.
  9. To lay claim to an object or role which is up for grabs.
  10. To predict.
  11. To name or refer to.
  12. (of a fielder): To shout to other fielders that he intends to take a catch (thus avoiding collisions).
  13. To claim the existence of some malfeasance; to denounce as.
  14. (heading, intransitive) To visit.
  15. To utter in a loud or distinct voice.
  16. Of a person, to have as one's name; of a thing, to have as its name.
  17. To contact by telephone.
  18. To declare in advance.
  19. To disclose the class or character of; to identify.
  20. To jump to (another part of a program) to perform some operation, returning to the original point on completion.
  21. To require, demand.
  22. To declare (an effort or project) to be a failure.
  23. To cry or shout.
  24. (heading, sports) Direct or indirect use of the voice.
  25. To pay a (social) visit (often used with "on", "round", or "at"; used by salespeople with "again" to invite customers to come again).
  26. To announce the early extinction of a debt by prepayment, usually at a premium.
  27. (of a batsman): To shout directions to the other batsman on whether or not they should take a run.
  28. To equal the same amount that other players are currently betting.
  29. To state, or estimate, approximately or loosely; to characterize without strict regard to fact.


  1. The characteristic cry of a bird or other animal.
  2. A meeting with a client for paid sex; hookup; job.
  3. Vocation; employment; calling.
  4. An option to buy stock at a specified price during or at a specified time.
  5. A visit by a ship or boat to a port.
  6. A note blown on the horn to encourage the dogs in a hunt.
  7. An invitation to take charge of or serve a church as its pastor.
  8. The act of matching a bet made by a player who has previously bet in the same round of betting.
  9. A pipe or other instrument to call birds or animals by imitating their note or cry. A game call.
  10. A whistle or pipe, used by the boatswain and his mate to summon the sailors to duty.
  11. A beckoning or summoning.
  12. A decision or judgement.
  13. A work shift which requires one to be available when requested (see on call).
  14. Initialism of computer-assisted language learning.
  15. The state of being the batsman whose role it is to call (depends on where the ball goes.).
  16. The act of calling to the other batsman.
  17. The act of jumping to a subprogram, saving the means to return to the original point.
  18. A telephone conversation; a phone call.
  19. An instance of calling someone on the telephone.
  20. A reference to, or statement of, an object, course, distance, or other matter of description in a survey or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding object, etc., on the land.
  21. A short visit, usually for social purposes.
  22. A statement of a particular state, or rule, made in many games such as bridge, craps, jacks, and so on.
  23. The right to speak at a given time during a debate or other public event; the floor.
  24. A cry or shout.


  1. A surname​.

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