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meanings of bullet


  1. A printed symbol in the form of a solid circle, (•), often used in lieu of numbers for marking items in a list. (see also bulleted).
  2. Anything that is projected extremely fast.
  3. An entire round of unfired ammunition for a firearm, including the projectile, the cartridge casing, the propellant charge, etc.
  4. Ammunition for a sling or slingshot which has been manufactured for such use.
  5. A large scheduled repayment of the principal of a loan; a balloon payment.
  6. A rejection letter, as for employment, admission to a school or a competition.
  7. One year of prison time.
  8. The heavy projectile thrown in a game of road bowling.
  9. A small ball.
  10. A roughly bullet-shaped sweet consisting of a cylinder of liquorice covered in chocolate.
  11. A cannonball.
  12. An ace (the playing card).
  13. Very fast (speedy).
  14. The fetlock of a horse.
  15. A projectile, usually of metal, shot from a gun at high speed.
  16. A plumb or sinker.
  17. A young or little bull; a male calf.
  18. A notation used on pop music charts to indicate that a song is climbing in the rankings.


  1. To draw attention to (text) by, or as if by, placing a graphic bullet in front of it.
  2. To speed, like a bullet.
  3. To make a shot, especially with great speed.

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