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  1. A paper fastener, a fastening device formed of thin, soft metal, such as shim brass, with a round head and a flat, split shank, which is spread after insertion in a hole in a stack of pages, in much the same way as a cotter pin or a split rivet.
  2. A thin, small nail, with a slight projection at the top on one side instead of a head, or occasionally with a small domed head, similar to that of an escutcheon pin.


  1. To attach using a brad.
  2. To upset the end of a rod inserted in a hole so as to prevent it from being pulled out, as when riveting.


  1. A diminutive of the male given names Bradley, Bradly,or Bradford, also used as a formal given name.

words with similar pronunciation

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

braid/bɹˈɛɪd/, 1 change.
brag/bɹˈæɡ/, 1 change.
bred/bɹˈɛd/, 1 change.
bras/bɹˈæs/, 1 change.
broad/bɹˈɔːd/, 1 change.
bread/bɹˈɛd/, 1 change.
bad/bˈæd/, 1 change.
brash/bɹˈæʃ/, 1 change.
brood/bɹˈud/, 1 change.
grad/ɡɹˈæd/, 1 change.

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