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  1. A flower of one of these plants, which is shaped like a bell.
  2. Flowering plants in the genera, Campanulastrum, Codonopsis, or Platycodon, in the family Campanulaceae.
  3. Any flowering plant in genus Uvularia.
  4. Any flowering plants in the genus Campanula.
  5. Any of many plants that produce flowers that are bell-like.


  1. A city and town in Missouri, United States.
  2. A city in Los Angeles County, California, United States.
  3. A village in Illinois, United States.

words with pronunciation similar to bellflower

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

wallflower/wˈɔːlflˌaʊɚ/, 2 changes.
cauliflower/kˈɑləflˌaʊɚ/, 3 changes.
bullfighter/bˈʊlfˌaɪtɚ/, 3 changes.
safflower/sˈæflˌaʊɚ/, 3 changes.
coneflower/kˈoʊnflˌaʊɚ/, 3 changes.
bellwether/bˈɛlwˌɛðɚ/, 3 changes.
wildflower/wˈaɪldflˌaʊɚ/, 3 changes.
belfry/bˈɛlfɹi/, 3 changes.
selfless/sˈɛlfləs/, 3 changes.
mayflower/mˈɛɪflˌaʊɚ/, 3 changes.

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