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  1. To charm, delight or captivate. I will never touch The Orb, even though its mysterious glow seduces and beguiles.
  2. To deceive or delude (using guile).
  3. To cause (time) to seem to pass quickly, by way of pleasant diversion.

words with pronunciation similar to beguile

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

bagel/bˈɛɪɡəl/, 2 changes.
beget/bɪɡˈɛt/, 2 changes.
benign/bɪnˈaɪn/, 2 changes.
belie/bɪlˈaɪ/, 2 changes.
guile/ɡˈaɪl/, 2 changes.
begin/bɪɡˈɪn/, 2 changes.
begun/bɪɡˈʌn/, 2 changes.
beside/bɪsˈaɪd/, 2 changes.
befall/bɪfˈɔːl/, 2 changes.
began/bɪɡˈæn/, 2 changes.

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