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  1. (falconry) to beat about in the air; flutter: said of a hawk which does not rise steadily and then swoop down upon its prey.
  2. To flap or hang down loosely, as a hat brim or an animal's ear.
  3. To beat about or beat down, as corn by the wind.
  4. To waste away little by little; squander carelessly; fritter (away). If we bangle away the legacy of peace left us by Christ, it is a sign of our want of regard for him. — Duty of Man.


  1. A rigid bracelet or anklet, especially one with no clasp.
  2. The cut branch of a tree; a large, rough stick; the largest piece of wood in a bundle of twigs.

words with pronunciation similar to bangle

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

tangle/tˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
wrangle/ɹˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
dangle/dˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
mangle/mˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
wangle/wˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
jangle/dʒˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
angle/ˈæŋɡəl/, 1 change.
bashful/bˈæʃfəl/, 2 changes.
single/sˈɪŋɡəl/, 2 changes.
mingle/mˈɪŋɡəl/, 2 changes.

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