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Anomaly means something that deviates from the norm.

words with similar pronunciation

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

anomalies/ənˈɑməliz/, 1 change.
monopoly/mənˈɑpəli/, 2 changes.
homily/hˈɑməli/, 2 changes.
uncommon/ənkˈɑmən/, 3 changes.
monotony/mənˈɑtəni/, 3 changes.
annually/ˈænjuəli/, 3 changes.
unlikely/ənlˈaɪkli/, 3 changes.
enmity/ˈɛnməti/, 3 changes.
animals/ˈænəməlz/, 3 changes.
animal/ˈænəməl/, 3 changes.

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