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  1. Gain.
  2. A procedure used in the nomenclature of complex organic compounds in which the superatoms of a basic structure (a phane) are replaced by cyclic structures (amplificants).
  3. A translation technique that involves adding content that is not present in the source text to the target text, usually to improve the fluency of the translation.
  4. The act, or result of amplifying, enlarging, extending or adding.
  5. The act, or result of independently increasing some quantity, especially voltage, power or current.
  6. The using of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for isolating and exponentially amplifying a fragment or sequence of DNA.

words with pronunciation similar to amplification

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

simplification/sˌɪmpləfɪkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
implication/ˌɪmpləkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
ramification/ɹˌæməfəkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
modification/mˌɑdəfəkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
vilification/vˌɪləfəkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
nullification/nˌʌləfəkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
application/ˌæpləkˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.

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