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  1. Liable to be called on to render an account.
  2. Obliged to keep accurate records (of property or funds).
  3. Capable of being accounted for; explicable; explainable.
  4. Obliged, when called upon, to answer (for one's deeds); answerable.

words with similar pronunciation

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

printable/pɹˈɪntəbəl/, 3 changes.
acceptable/əksˈɛptəbəl/, 3 changes.
accountants/əkˈaʊntənts/, 3 changes.
unknowable/ənnˈoʊəbəl/, 3 changes.
adjustable/ədʒˈʌstəbəl/, 3 changes.
adoptable/ədˈɑptəbəl/, 3 changes.
cannibal/kˈænəbəl/, 3 changes.
attainable/ətˈɛɪnəbəl/, 3 changes.
accountant/əkˈaʊntənt/, 3 changes.
accessible/əksˈɛsəbəl/, 3 changes.

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