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“… noticed in the careful the people would be watching the rest of us …”

meanings of would


  1. Used to give a conditional or potential "softening" to the present; might, might wish.
  2. Used with bare infinitive to form the "anterior future", indicating a futurity relative to a past time.
  3. Wished, desired (something).
  4. Used to impart a sense of hesitancy or uncertainty to the present; might be inclined to. Now sometimes colloquially with ironic effect.
  5. (heading) As a modal verb, the subjunctive of will.
  6. (heading) As a past-tense form of will.
  7. Used with ellipsis of the infinitive verb, or postponement to a relative clause, in various senses.
  8. Used as the auxiliary of the simple conditional modality (with a bare infinitive); indicating an action or state that is conditional on another.
  9. Might wish ( + verb in past subjunctive); often used in the first person (with or without that) in the sense of "if only".
  10. Used interrogatively to express a polite request; are (you) willing to …?.
  11. Wanted to ( + bare infinitive).
  12. Might desire; wish (something).
  13. Used to; was or were habitually accustomed to ( + bare infinitive); indicating an action in the past that happened repeatedly or commonly.
  14. Was determined to; loosely, could naturally have been expected to (given the tendencies of someone's character etc.).


  1. Something that would happen, or would be the case, under different circumstances; a potentiality.

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