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“… little pokey tiller we've got I think it …”

meanings of tiller


  1. A bar of iron or wood connected with the rudderhead and leadline, usually forward, in which the rudder is moved as desired by the tiller (FM 55-501).
  2. The rear-wheel steering control, aboard a tiller truck.
  3. A person who tills; a farmer.
  4. A machine that mechanically tills the soil.
  5. A young tree.
  6. A small drawer; a till.
  7. A shoot of a plant which springs from the root or bottom of the original stalk; a sapling; a sucker.
  8. The stock; a beam on a crossbow carved to fit the arrow, or the point of balance in a longbow.
  9. A handle; a stalk.
  10. The handle of the rudder which the helmsman holds to steer the boat, a piece of wood or metal extending forward from the rudder over or through the transom. Generally attached at the top of the rudder.


  1. To produce new shoots from the root or from around the bottom of the original stalk; stool.


  1. A surname​.

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