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“… because it tends to skew more towards …”

meanings of skew


  1. Something that has an oblique or slanted position.
  2. A state of asymmetry in a distribution; skewness.
  3. A stone at the foot of the slope of a gable, the offset of a buttress, etc., cut with a sloping surface and with a check to receive the coping stones and retain them in place; a skew-corbel.
  4. An oblique or sideways movement.
  5. One of the stones placed over the end of a gable, or forming the coping of a gable.
  6. A phenomenon in synchronous digital circuit systems (such as computers) in which the same sourced clock signal arrives at different components at different times.
  7. The coping of a gable.
  8. A bias or distortion in a particular direction.


  1. To cause (a distribution) to be asymmetrical.
  2. To move obliquely; to move sideways, to sidle; to lie obliquely.
  3. To hurl or throw.
  4. To jump back or sideways in fear or surprise; to shy, as a horse.
  5. (transitive) To form or shape in an oblique way; to cause to take an oblique position.
  6. To bias or distort in a particular direction.
  7. To look at obliquely; to squint; hence, to look slightingly or suspiciously.


  1. Of a distribution: asymmetrical about its mean.
  2. Neither parallel nor at right angles to a certain line; askew.
  3. Of two lines in three-dimensional space: neither intersecting nor parallel.


  1. Askew, obliquely; awry.

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