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meanings of extenuation


  1. The action or process of making slender or diminishing in bulk; an instance of this.
  2. The action of representing (something) as slight and trifling; underrating; an instance of this, a plea to this end; a modification in terms.
  3. The action of making less or weak; and instance of this; a weakening, impoverishment. Also, mitigation (of blame or punishment).
  4. Making less dense; rarefaction.
  5. The action of lessening, or seeking to lessen, the guilt of (an offence or fault) by alleging partial excuses; and instance or means of doing this; a plea in mitigation of censure.
  6. (countable and uncountable) The action of extenuating; extenuated condition.
  7. Thin garments.
  8. The action or process of making or becoming thin; an instance of this; a shrunken condition; leanness, emaciation.

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