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“… clock it log it digest it and plan …”

meanings of digest


  1. To think over and arrange methodically in the mind; to reduce to a plan or method; to receive in the mind and consider carefully; to get an understanding of; to comprehend.
  2. To quieten or reduce (a negative feeling, such as anger or grief).
  3. To expose to a gentle heat in a boiler or matrass, as a preparation for chemical operations.
  4. To separate (the food) in its passage through the alimentary canal into the nutritive and nonnutritive elements; to prepare, by the action of the digestive juices, for conversion into blood; to convert into chyme.
  5. To ripen; to mature.
  6. To suppurate; to generate pus, as an ulcer.
  7. To cause to suppurate, or generate pus, as an ulcer or wound.
  8. To undergo digestion.
  9. To distribute or arrange methodically; to work over and classify; to reduce to portions for ready use or application.
  10. To bear comfortably or patiently; to be reconciled to; to brook.


  1. Any collection of articles, as an Internet mailing list including a week's postings, or a magazine arranging a collection of writings.
  2. A compilation of statutes or decisions analytically arranged; a summary of laws.
  3. That which is digested; especially, that which is worked over, classified, and arranged under proper heads or titles.
  4. The result of applying a hash function to a message.