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“… should commute to work efficiency pushes …”

meanings of commute


  1. To regularly travel from one's home to one's workplace or school, or vice versa.
  2. To journey, to make a journey.
  3. To exchange substantially; to abate but not abolish completely, a penalty, obligation, or payment in return for a great, single thing or an aggregate; to cash in; to lessen.
  4. To pay out the lumpsum present value of an annuity, instead of paying in instalments; to cash in; to encash.
  5. To obtain or bargain for exemption or substitution;.
  6. To pay, or arrange to pay, in advance, in a lump sum instead of part by part.
  7. To reduce the sentence previously given for a criminal offense. His prison sentence was commuted to probation.
  8. Of an operation, to be commutative, i.e. to have the property that changing the order of the operands does not change the result.


  1. A regular journey to or from a place of employment, such as work or school.
  2. The route, time or distance of that journey.