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“… years to create those alternate pathways …”

meanings of alternate


  1. A replacement of equal or greater value or function.
  2. A substitute; an alternative; one designated to take the place of another, if necessary, in performing some duty.
  3. A proportion derived from another proportion by interchanging the means.
  4. Figures or tinctures that succeed each other by turns.
  5. That which alternates with something else; vicissitude.


  1. Happening by turns; one following the other in succession of time or place; first one and then the other (repeatedly).
  2. Other; alternative.
  3. Distributed singly at different heights of the stem, and at equal intervals as respects angular divergence.
  4. Designating the members in a series, which regularly intervene between the members of another series, as the odd or even numbers of the numerals; every other; every second.


  1. To happen, succeed, or act by turns; to follow reciprocally in place or time; followed by with.
  2. To perform an alternation (removal of alternate vertices) on (a polytope or tessellation); to remove vertices (from a face or edge) as part of an alternation.
  3. To perform by turns, or in succession; to cause to succeed by turns; to interchange regularly.
  4. To vary by turns.