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meanings of water


  1. The liquid form of this substance: liquid H2O.
  2. Spa water.
  3. A serving of liquid water.
  4. Amniotic fluid or the amniotic sac containing it. (Used only in the plural in the UK but often also in the singular in North America. (The Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary says "often used in plural; also: bag of waters".)).
  5. Excess valuation of securities.
  6. A state of affairs; conditions; usually with an adjective indicating an adverse condition.
  7. A person's intuition.
  8. A wavy, lustrous pattern or decoration such as is imparted to linen, silk, metals, etc.
  9. Fluids in the body, especially when causing swelling.
  10. Urine.
  11. Water in a body; an area of open water.
  12. The limpidity and lustre of a precious stone, especially a diamond.
  13. (uncountable) A substance (of molecular formula H2O) found at room temperature and pressure as a clear liquid; it is present naturally as rain, and found in rivers, lakes and seas; its solid form is ice and its gaseous form is steam.
  14. A combination of water and other substance(s).
  15. The aforementioned liquid, considered one of the Classical elements or basic elements of alchemy.
  16. A solution in water of a gaseous or readily volatile substance.
  17. Mineral water.
  18. A body of water, almost always a river.


  1. To dilute.
  2. To urinate onto.
  3. To get or take in water.
  4. To overvalue (securities), especially through deceptive accounting.
  5. To wet or supply with water; to moisten; to overflow with water; to irrigate.
  6. To pour water into the soil surrounding (plants).
  7. To wet and calender, as cloth, so as to impart to it a lustrous appearance in wavy lines; to diversify with wavelike lines.
  8. To provide (animals) with water for drinking.
  9. To fill with or secrete water.

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