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“… might emit simply can't Traverse from …”

meanings of traverse


  1. To lay in a cross direction; to cross.
  2. To travel across, often under difficult conditions.
  3. To (make a cutting, an incline) across the gradients of a sloped face at safe rate.
  4. To visit all parts of; to explore thoroughly.
  5. To deny formally.
  6. To climb or descend a steep hill at a wide angle (relative to the slope).
  7. To plane in a direction across the grain of the wood.
  8. To use the motions of opposition or counteraction.
  9. To pass over and view; to survey carefully.
  10. To rotate a gun around a vertical axis to bear upon a military target.
  11. To act against; to thwart or obstruct.


  1. The zigzag course or courses made by a ship in passing from one place to another; a compound course.
  2. In trench warfare, a defensive trench built to prevent enfilade.
  3. A route used in mountaineering, specifically rock climbing, in which the descent occurs by a different route than the ascent.
  4. A screen or partition.
  5. Something that thwarts or obstructs.
  6. A formal denial of some matter of fact alleged by the opposite party in any stage of the pleadings. The technical words introducing a traverse are absque hoc ("without this", i.e. without what follows).
  7. A line lying across a figure or other lines; a transversal.
  8. A series of points, with angles and distances measured between, traveled around a subject, usually for use as "control" i.e. angular reference system for later surveying work.
  9. A traverse board.
  10. A gallery or loft of communication from side to side of a church or other large building.


  1. Athwart; across; crosswise.


  1. Lying across; being in a direction across something else.

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