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“… was a stem designated track in your MBA …”

meanings of track


  1. A circular (never-ending) data storage unit on a side of magnetic or optical disk, divided into sectors.
  2. The street, as a prostitute's place of work.
  3. The pitch.
  4. A tract or area, such as of land.
  5. Awareness of something, especially when arising from close monitoring.
  6. A song or other relatively short piece of music, on a record, separated from others by a short silence.
  7. The racing events of track and field; track and field in general.
  8. The distance between two opposite wheels on a same axletree.
  9. A path or course laid out for a race, for exercise, etc.
  10. The direction and progress of someone or something; path.
  11. A themed set of talks within a conference.
  12. The physical track on a record.
  13. The entire lower surface of the foot; said of birds, etc.
  14. Short for caterpillar track.
  15. Sound stored on a record.
  16. A mark or impression left by the foot, either of man or animal.
  17. The way or rails along which a train moves.
  18. A mark left by something that has passed along.
  19. A road or other similar beaten path.
  20. Physical course; way.


  1. To monitor the movement of a person or object.
  2. To move.
  3. To tow.
  4. To match the movement or change of a person or object.
  5. To make tracks on.
  6. To make sense; to be consistent with known information.
  7. To create a musical recording (a track).
  8. To travel so that a moving object remains in shot.
  9. To discover the location of a person or object by following traces.
  10. To create music using tracker software.
  11. To traverse; to move across.
  12. To continue over time.
  13. To observe the (measured) state of a person or object over time.
  14. (transitive) To follow the tracks of.
  15. To exhibit good cognitive function.
  16. To leave in the form of tracks.

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