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“… justice as it stands a thwart the …”

meanings of thwart


  1. To move (something) across or counter to; to cross.
  2. To place (something) across (another thing); to position crosswise.
  3. To cause to fail; to frustrate, to prevent.
  4. To hinder or obstruct by placing (something) in the way of; to block, to impede, to oppose.


  1. Of situations or things: adverse, unfavourable, unlucky.
  2. Of people: having a tendency to oppose; obstinate, perverse, stubborn.
  3. Placed or situated across something else; cross, oblique, transverse.


  1. An act of thwarting; something which thwarts; a hindrance, an obstacle.
  2. A brace, perpendicular to the keel, that helps maintain the beam (“breadth") of a marine vessel against external water pressure and that may serve to support the rail.
  3. A seat across a boat on which a rower may sit.


  1. Across the direction of travel or length of; athwart, crosswise, obliquely, transversely.


  1. Across, athwart.

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