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“… to the temporary suspension of silver …”

meanings of suspension


  1. A topological space derived from another by taking the product of the original space with an interval and collapsing each end of the product to a point.
  2. Thus a kind of silt or sludge.
  3. A stay or postponement of the execution of a sentence, usually by letters of suspension granted on application to the Lord Ordinary.
  4. A function derived, in a standard way, from another, such that the instant function's domain and codomain are suspensions of the original function's.
  5. The temporary barring of a person from a workplace, society, etc. pending investigation into alleged misconduct.
  6. The act of suspending, or the state of being suspended.
  7. The process of barring a student from school grounds as a form of punishment (particularly out-of-school suspension).
  8. A temporary or conditional delay, interruption or discontinuation.
  9. The system of springs and shock absorbers connected to the wheels in an automobile, which allows the vehicle to move smoothly with reduced shock to its occupants.
  10. The act of or discord produced by prolonging one or more tones of a chord into the chord which follows, thus producing a momentary discord, suspending the concord which the ear expects.
  11. The state of a solid or substance produced when its particles are mixed with, but not dissolved in, a fluid, and are capable of separation by straining.
  12. The act of keeping a person who is listening in doubt and expectation of what is to follow.