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“… you got a big stack here let's oh my …”

meanings of stack


  1. The quantity of a given item which fills up an inventory slot or bag.
  2. A fall or crash, a prang.
  3. A holding pattern, with aircraft circling one above the other as they wait to land.
  4. (heading) A pile.
  5. A vertical drainpipe.
  6. A blend of various dietary supplements or anabolic steroids with supposed synergistic benefits.
  7. A large pile of hay, grain, straw, or the like, larger at the bottom than the top, sometimes covered with thatch.
  8. A smokestack.
  9. (heading) In computing.
  10. A stack data structure stored in main memory that is manipulated during machine language procedure call related instructions.
  11. A pile of similar objects, each directly on top of the last.
  12. The amount of money a player has on the table.
  13. Compactly spaced bookshelves used to house large collections of books.
  14. An extensive collection.
  15. (heading) In architecture.
  16. A combination of interdependent, yet individually replaceable, software components or technologies used together on a system.
  17. A linear data structure in which items inserted are removed in reverse order (the last item inserted is the first one to be removed).
  18. An implementation of a protocol suite (set of protocols forming a layered architecture).
  19. A generalization of schemes in algebraic geometry and of sheaves.
  20. A pile of rifles or muskets in a cone shape.
  21. A pile of poles or wood, indefinite in quantity.
  22. A number of flues embodied in one structure, rising above the roof.
  23. A pile of wood containing 108 cubic feet. (~3 m³).
  24. A large amount of an object.
  25. A coastal landform, consisting of a large vertical column of rock in the sea.


  1. To arrange in a stack, or to add to an existing stack.
  2. To place (aircraft) into a holding pattern.
  3. To crash; to fall.
  4. To operate cumulatively.
  5. To take all the money another player currently has on the table.
  6. To collect precious metal in the form of various small objects such as coins and bars.
  7. To deliberately distort the composition of (an assembly, committee, etc.).
  8. To arrange the cards in a deck in a particular manner.


  1. A surname​.

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