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“… process that creates soap the largest …”

meanings of soap


  1. Flattery or excessively complacent conversation.
  2. A metallic salt derived from a fatty acid.
  3. A substance able to mix with both oil and water, used for cleaning, often in the form of a solid bar (bar soap) or in liquid form (liquid soap), derived from fats or made synthetically.
  4. Money, specially when used as a bribe.
  5. A solid masonry unit or brick reduced in depth or height from standard dimensions.
  6. Sodium pentothal.
  7. Acronym of subjective, objective, assessment, and plan.
  8. A soap opera.


  1. To flatter; to wheedle.
  2. To cover, lather or in any other form treat with soap, often as a prank.
  3. To apply soap to in washing.
  4. To be discreet about (a topic).


  1. Acronym of Simple Object Access Protocol. (A standard Internet protocol for exchanging structured information in a distributed environment.).

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