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“… right here we got the pond skipper yes …”

meanings of skipper


  1. A coach, director, or other leader.
  2. Agent noun of skip: one who skips.
  3. The master of a ship.
  4. A barn or shed in which to shelter for the night.
  5. The cheese maggot, the larva of a cheese fly (family Piophilidae), which leaps to escape predators.
  6. Any of several marine fishes that often leap above water, especially Cololabis saira, the Pacific saury.
  7. A young, thoughtless person.
  8. A person who skips, or fails to attend class.
  9. The captain of a sports team such as football, cricket, rugby or curling.
  10. Any of various butterflies of the families Hesperiidae and its subfamily Megathyminae, having a hairy mothlike body, hooked tips on the antennae, and a darting flight pattern.


  1. To take shelter in a barn or shed.
  2. To captain a ship or a sports team.


  1. A surname​.
  2. A male given name.