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  1. The right of succeeding to an estate, or to another possession.
  2. The action of reverting something.
  3. An estate which has been returned in this manner.
  4. The right of succeeding to an office after the death or retirement of the holder.
  5. The return of a genetic characteristic after a period of suppression.
  6. The action of returning to a former condition or practice; reversal.
  7. The fact of being turned the reverse way.
  8. The return of an estate to the donor or grantor after expiry of the grant.
  9. The action of turning something the reverse way.
  10. The act of conversion to Islam.
  11. A sum payable on a person's death.

words with pronunciation similar to reversion

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

revision/ɹɪvˈɪʒən/, 1 change.
inversion/ˌɪnvˈɝʒən/, 2 changes.
aversion/əvˈɝʒən/, 2 changes.
version/vˈɝʒən/, 2 changes.
division/dɪvˈɪʒən/, 2 changes.
diversion/daɪvˈɝʒən/, 2 changes.
rescission/ɹɪsˈɪʒən/, 2 changes.
reversal/ɹɪvˈɝsəl/, 2 changes.
evasion/ɪvˈɛɪʒən/, 2 changes.
devotion/dɪvˈoʊʃən/, 3 changes.

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