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“… know a cause then you put it to you this …”

meanings of put


  1. To steer; to direct one's course; to go.
  2. To incite; to entice; to urge; to constrain; to oblige.
  3. To express something in a certain manner.
  4. To place something somewhere.
  5. To bring or set into a certain relation, state or condition.
  6. To play a card or a hand in the game called put.
  7. To attach or attribute; to assign.
  8. To throw a heavy iron ball, as a sport. (See shot put. Do not confuse with putt.).
  9. To convey coal in the mine, as for example from the working to the tramway.
  10. To lay down; to give up; to surrender.
  11. To exercise a put option.
  12. To set before one for judgment, acceptance, or rejection; to bring to the attention.


  1. An old card game.
  2. The act of putting; an action; a movement; a thrust; a push.
  3. Initialism of programmable unijunction transistor.
  4. Acronym of parameterized unit test.
  5. A contract to sell a security at a set price on or before a certain date.
  6. A prostitute.
  7. Acronym of parameterized unit testing.
  8. A fellow, especially an eccentric or elderly one; a duffer.
  9. A right to sell something at a predetermined price.

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